Together we can improve the lives of teenagers and young adults living with, and beyond cancer.

Cool Hat - Baseball Cap


Hair loss is one of the most well-known side effects of cancer treatment. As well as losing the hair, skin on the scalp can become dry and flaky. The impact of hair loss can be devastating at any age, but, being a teenager when image and social acceptance are so important, having comfortable, trendy head wear made of natural fibres to protect your head from the sun and the cold is so important.

And that’s one reason why we are so excited about our new partnership with Cool Hats. Cool Hats have been developed for people suffering the after-effects of Cancer treatment, Alopecia and sensitive scalps.

They have taken beanie hats and caps and lined them with a Bamboo Jersey fabric which gives a super soft touch to the skin.

The idea was developed by two friends, Terry Tierney and Jason Marchant. Terry has over 40 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry and Jason has vast experience of designing and manufacturing clothing. Their combined experience helped them to develop Cool Hats, which as well as looking very Cool, are thermo controlled, super soft, sensitive, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and odour free.

The Bamboo used for the lining is sustainable and has some unique properties which make it a perfect fabric against sore, itchy or dry skin.

Cool Hats have very kindly gifted hats for the Teens, and we can’t wait to see the young people wearing them. A special thanks to TK Max for their support of Cool Hats.

If you’re a Teen and would like a Cool Hat, please get in touch and let us know if you’d like a cap or a beanie.